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2 Jul 10 2354 Enter values
29 Jul 09 812 Always buy the lower priced!
6 Sep 09 161 Be careful with comments
27 Sep 09 142 Use Your Points Wisely!
3 Dec 09 82 Camping
10 Dec 09 65 How to distinguish friends from other players
11 Aug 10 64 Tips If You Are Being "Farmed"
15 Oct 09 55 Making the best out of being hitlisted
11 Dec 09 37 How to be truly ruthless
11 Aug 10 33 Reverse 'Always buy the lower priced!' Tip
16 Aug 10 32 General gameplay guidelines
7 Dec 09 29 Why should I get the max amount of friends?
7 Dec 09 27 Reducing Camping Time
4 Dec 09 25 Always Buy the Highest Priced Items First
16 Aug 10 12 Sometimes it IS Better to Buy the Higher Priced Item
11 Aug 10 1 'Always buy the lower priced!' Sequel

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Always buy the lower priced!

When you have two properties with vary similar p/h (both green or blue), you should ALWAYS buy the lowest priced one because of the time involved to generate the income to buy the second one AND the lost income accured in that time.

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Be careful with comments

By JeriPhi (R2SUQ)

Comments are easily traced by anyone. If you leave a comment for a fellow clan member saying things like "goodnight" or "I'll be away for X amount of days," you are putting your blood at risk. Why? Because someone who is NOT in your clan can read your post simply by viewing your fellow clan member's comments. And if that person is a lurker, he or she can know when your blood is vulnerable and easily spam attack you while you are away. So, keep your "away time" well guarded.

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Use Your Points Wisely!

By Lady Jax (N2MNS)

If you are a player that either likes to accumulate the free promotional points, or purchases the package of points through the application store, this tip is for you. When you decide to exchange your group of points for money, you will notice that there will be another exchange option where it appears that you can save time and instead of cashing in 10 points at a time for maybe $100,000 each, you can turn in 100 points for $10,000,000. Seems like the same amount of money, just quicker, right? Not quite. If you want to get the most money from your points, it is much more efficient to cash in your 10 points, and go buy the best possible property/slaves/traps/etc with what you have, then come back and cash in the next 10 points, and so on. You will notice that each time you purchase property/slaves/traps/etc, the amount of money you recieve for 10 points will increase. After that first exchange for 10 points and making an investment, you might come back and see that 10 points will now buy you $100,100! It is based on some percentage of your income.So this is the best way to get the most money out of your points. Hope this helps!

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By Cserbc (CSERBC)

The longer you camp(not play the game) the better chance for you to build up more blood, as long as you have slaves and abilities. Always do this at the lowest levels, below 10 is the best bet. While doing this it will give you time to play other games and give you enough blood to buy higher income slaves. Only foolish players jump head first and do missions and level up and before you know it you're a high level getting beaten by low levels because you cant afford abilities. Camp! Camp! Camp!

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How to distinguish friends from other players

By (P4NN3)

Did you know that in the attack list, when someone has a green dot behind their name, that that person is one of your friends?! So don't attack him/her!

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Tips If You Are Being "Farmed"

By Lady Jax

If you find yourself being "farmed" or repeatedly attacked by the same person over a long period of time, here are some tips to remember:

- The best and most obvious thing to do is to get onto your account as often as possible and lower your health so that the farmers cannot attack you. Sometimes it works well if you can get friends to also attack you so that your money is going to them and not your farmer.

- To keep your money safe, you should either bank it right away or quickly invest into properties. Banking is good because it is quick and easy, but you lose 10% of every transaction. In the long run, that can almost be as much as the farmer is taking from you, so this is not always the best method to preserving your money. The other option is to invest into the properties, so you are not losing money, and in the long run you will be making more.

- The MOST INPORTANT tip when being farmed: DO NOT COMMENT THEM! If you check their comment page, farmers have players crying to them all the time about how mean and unfair they are. You are not going to stop them with one whiney comment. Also, as soon as you leave them that comment, they now have a permanent link to you and will continue their farming. One thing you need to remember is that if you do NOT comment them, the only way they can find you to attack you is on the battle list, and as soon as they level up your name will not appear on that list anymore. Therefor, you need to just tough it out and use the preventative measures above until they level up, which is usually pretty quick. Also, DO NOT send a friend request to a known farmer either. This also creates a permanent link for them to find you.

You need to remember that it is true that farmers can play however they want and there are no rules for how much and how often they can attack you. Thats why you just need to adopt this defensive method and tough it out. Most farmers thrive on players reactions, so to provide none and prevent them from taking much from you is the best way to discourage them. Getting your "teams" or "armies" to fight them usually just entertains them, much easier and safer to wait it out. I have used this method on all of the Storm8 games and farming usually only lasts about a day and then they have moved on. It works :)

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Making the best out of being hitlisted

By Sparky (4E42EK)

When you have been put to the hitlist by someone, you will be attacked by a lot of people. To make the best out of this situation, take a look at who is attacking you.
When you see that you have won a fight, it's a pretty safe bet to attack them back you can get some cash back. It can also help you level faster by gaining experience points.

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How to be truly ruthless

By Snappy (89QTVK)

These games thrive on contests of wills. The best way to really one-up an adversary is is a good clan that coordinates attacks. But, you can actually do that to a certain extent on your own. Vampires and Zombies have the unique distinction among Storm 8 games of being the only two that cross pollinate. What I outline below can be done with any Storm 8 game if you have access to another account.

I'll reiterate a previous tip - comments are just avenues for further attack. I angered someone for whatever reason, and we started max hit listing each other. He broke the cardinal rule by leaving an angry comment on my profile. These games thrive on that animosity and one-upmanship, and I don't like to back down. So I didn't play zombies, but figured that was an opportunity to be truly ruthless.

I leveled a zombie to 7 (the lowest level you can hit list someone) and used the free points to gain enough income to cover hit listing someone several times. I added a comment on a high level hitlisted person (the unassuming "add me" message) and followed that comment with my vampire. I then left a comment on my zombie with my vampire and from that added a comment from my zombie with my vampire. I delete these comments as needed to protect that connection.

Now there are two ways you can use this additional attacker. 1) Intimidation. Every attack/comment/hit list leaves a number on your profile. So, use the level 7 to attack your high level adversary (losing, obviously) then attack with your main, then max hit list them with the lackey, then max hit them with your main character. That combines to have 50 to 60 hits on your enemy's account. They'll think your clan is kicking the crap out of them. 2) Use the lackey as a sacrificial lamb. Attack your enemy, hit list them, and then use the additional attacker to add them to the hit list at least 5 times. That means that when they log on to their account all they will see is the 5 hit lists from a level 7 boob. If you didn't leave comments it makes it exponentially harder for them to find your main.

Now, go do that voodoo that you do so well!

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Reverse 'Always buy the lower priced!' Tip

By Dracula (5579C6)

After a period of not playing (aka sleep or no access), when you have the choice and enough money to buy either two slaves with same P/H, you should buy the higher property because the more income generated in the same timeframe, avoiding the greater time needed to generate enough income to buy the higher property, and shorter time to buy lower priced property.

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General gameplay guidelines


The rule of 5

1) The rule of 5 is the most simple but the most often misunderstood rule in this game. At any level you may only use your level x 5 clannies. For example if you are a level 20 you would use 5x20 clan members for a total of 100. If you are lvl 21 you would use 105 clannies and, so on. I am currently at lvl 36 and use 180 clannies everytime I attack and everytime I defend. I have 700 members in my clan but won't utilize them all until I hit lvl 140.

2) if you are not camping each clan member needs to be equipped with the best abilities! for example if you are level 20 with 100 usable clan members you would want 100 physical abilities 100 sensory abilities and 100 transformations.

Camping sucks!! but it is necessary.

1) Your power in vamps/zombies is dependant on income. If you are lvl 50 not able to afford abilities you are just farmfood for a stronger player. Income should be at Minimum 2 million times your lvl. So if you are a lvl 20 you would hope to have 40 million in income. So at times it will be necessary to minimize your att and def in able to generate more income.

What should I do with my skill points?

1) NEVER use them on more health!! you can purchase more health if you need it. More health just makes it easier to farm you. Energy and frenzy are OK but if you want to be a major player later in the game invest these points in att and def. You'll thank me later.

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Why should I get the max amount of friends?

By (P4NN3)

Well, having more friends gives you more strength. In the beginning Storm8 will only show players in the attack list with the same amount of friends. So, at this stage it does not really matter. When you grow, and (I think) get level 20+, you will be visible for players with more friends and will be an easy target. This is why having the max number of friends is important.

You should try to make a really stable and good income. After that, try to buy good weapons for every friend you have. Only buy weapons when you have a good income (you can set yourself a goal with the level indicator). For example, try to keep your net income at 65%. When it's like 70%, buy some weapons until it hits the 65% again and invest in income. Do this over and over until you have all the weapons for all your friends. Now you are at your strongest and you can level up to the next level.

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Reducing Camping Time

By Dracula (5579C6)

You receive bonus cash at 12:00am of your timezone. If you can utilize this amount immediately you can earn the bought property's income for the next 24 hours and thus reducing the camping time to get to a goal income target. This bonus amounts appears to range from 50% to 105% (approximation and not researched fully).
**This tip is for players that are addicted to Storm8 and can afford to stay up this late. =)**

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Always Buy the Highest Priced Items First

By Sweat Pea (CPTWQR)

When withdrawing a large amount to buy multiple items, try to reduce your health below the attack threshold first, so as to reduce the risk of losing some of the money. Also, even if you can reduce your health, always buy the most expensive items first to reduce your cash in hand as quickly as possible. Then if you are attacked, or hit-listed/sanctioned/etc, you stand to lose less.

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Sometimes it IS Better to Buy the Higher Priced Item

By Sweat Pea (CPTWQR)

Although the tip that says 'buy the lowest priced' is right when saving to buy, if you already have a store of cash, you are better off buying the higher priced, as you will straightaway earn the higher rate AND generate the lower purchase price more quickly.

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'Always buy the lower priced!' Sequel

By Dracula (5579C6)

When you are building up income to purchase the property with the lowest P/H ratio, keep on the look out for the next lowest P/H property. It is possible that as you build up for property #1, you can actually buy property #2 and property #3 if there is excess in the total income generated when finally purchasing property #1. Thus you can buy property #2, #3 earlier and earn this property's income while waiting to buy property #1.

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