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2 Jul 10 2353 Enter values
29 Jul 09 812 Always buy the lower priced!
28 Dec 09 27 Pets tip: Upkeep
1 Jun 10 14 Using Elemantal Bonuses
29 Oct 11 12 Another Tip for seasoned players
27 Dec 09 6 The best way to use points
4 May 10 5 Abilities to level 25.
25 Jan 10 3 How to get more money
4 Oct 11 1 Early player tip on the game
5 Jan 10 -11 How to spent skill points and training pets

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Always buy the lower priced!

When you have two properties with vary similar p/h (both green or blue), you should ALWAYS buy the lowest priced one because of the time involved to generate the income to buy the second one AND the lost income accured in that time.

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Pets tip: Upkeep

By MrMuncher (HUFPK)

Justcalcit doesn't yet show it, but once you rank up your pets to 20, they begin to accrue upkeep. Be certain to purchase enough habitats to support their upkeep!

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Using Elemantal Bonuses

By Duh Twist (AREPJ)

One of the secrets to winning your battles, if you didn't know,
is to correctly line up your pets against your opponents pets. We know
that Fire pets have an advantage over Air pets, Air pets have an
advantage over Earth pets, Earth pets have an advantage over Water
pets, and Water pets have an advantage over Fire pets. So if you're
opponents pets are lined up as Fire, Earth, Air, then Water and you
put your battle order as Water, Air, Fire, then Earth, there is a high
chance you will win.

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Another Tip for seasoned players

By Rob (KWSXY)

There are 3 types of player you can be in Pets Live

An Attacker a Defender or an ATM
The Best Pets when you are at a high enough level for attacking player is:
As an attacker your ultimate goal is to use Flicker, Thresh, Toad and Imago. You won't have all of these until level 85.
Put all of your Skill points into attack and dump around 8+ in Spirit (enough to reduce their health to <27 in one round of attacks)– you will win all of your fights but ultimately lose most attacks upon yourself.

The Best Pets when you are at a high enough level for Defending player is:
As an defender your ultimate goal is to use Venom, Flaps, Claw and Quartz. You won't have all of these until level 89
Here place all of your skill pints into defence You may also choose to raise Health so that they can ride the Discipline List in later levels.

ATM is a player who purposely keeps their pets at a low rank and simply allows other players to get free wins. They compete with each other to acquire the most losses. These players will typically invest all of their skill points into Energy, Health and Spirit. Having high Energy lets them level quickly and earn gold from quests. Having high Health allows more people to attack them before they need to heal and allows easier riding of the Discipline List. High Spirit levels achieve 2 things. First, they can attack other players to give them even more losses.

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The best way to use points

By Abraham (2FTPT)

Well when u buy points instead of investing them into income invest it into regaining energy because by doing missions u generate more money leaving u with more then twice the amount of money u would of had if u invested in money. Hope this helps, happy hunting. :)

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Abilities to level 25.

By Hello Kitty (6G7KW)

You can level up all your abilities to 25. Complete all of the quests in the Mountains at level 2 to gain Enhanced Learning Capacity. With this bonus, you can level up all abilities past their previous maximum level.

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How to get more money

By Timm (5997M)

When you need money you need to buy the best and the most habitats you can and if you have the patience to wait about 2 week you will have so much more than before but if you don't than I would recommend trying to keep your health low so people won't attack you and to do missions.

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Early player tip on the game

By Rob (KWSXY)

A player cannot be attacked if their Health is below 27. When you're not online, keeping your Health below 27 can protect you from attacks.

When you attack an enemy, you use your attack values alone. This includes your skill points and the attack stat of your pets. Similarly, when you defend against an attack you will use your defence values alone. The equation used to transform skill points into a pet's attack or defence stat is unknown, however a single point is worth significantly more than a pet stat point - it may even act as a multiplier. The main focus of your strategy should be skill points.

You can attack anyone who is a higher level than yourself, but can only attack down to 75% of your current level. For example, a level 100 can attack a level 75 but no lower. Choose your enemies wisely - if you someone levels considerably faster than you, you could find them relentlessly attacking you whilst you're 30 levels behind them!

Only your top 4 pets are used in battle; therefore you only need to train 4 pets at any given time. Later in the game you get the option to choose which 4 you wish to use. Battles are actually divided into 4 1vs1 battles. Your first pet will battle your opponent's first pet; your second vs their second and so on. There are elemental bonuses you need to be aware of which are explained briefly in below:

First the elemental bonus. Quite simply, by using one pet of every single element, you will gain a bonus in battle. Couldn't be easier

Next, the elemental advantage. Each 1vs1 matchup is analysed with an elemental advantage or neutral bonus applied using the following formula:

Air > Earth > Water > Fire

Therefore, a player who uses:

Air - Water - Earth - Fire

has an elemental advantage in all 4 scenarios if they attack someone who uses:

Earth - Fire - Water - Air

When battling, your pets will use all common abilities and all elemental specific abilities for their element. For example, an air pet will use all common and all air abilities. Ranking up abilities is just as important as ranking up pets!

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How to spent skill points and training pets

By AleX (C3E54)

In PETS LIVE storm8 has put a lvl limit.You can lvl fast,and the best
way to gain wins is to stay up in bounty list.For that you will need
to spent skills on health and defense.And training the pets with high

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